some people will always hate you no matter what

sometimes there's people who can't stand seeing you happy.

sometimes, they hate you for no reason

sometimes, they will annoy you just with a small little thing

sometimes you feel like to slap their face

sometimes you  will pretend that''s not a big deal

sometimes you force yourself to pretend that those people doesn't exist in this world

but the reality still a reality

there are many people around you

some will always hate you

some will protect you

some will back stab you from behind

still, they are all around you...  

you can't avoid them

but you can always DEFEND yourself

so that, they can stop judging others 


that's wut i feel...

when someone asks me what's wrong, i just say "nothing". not because i don't want to tell them but because my mind is filled with thousands and thousands of thoughts that i just don't know how to explain. sigh*

could we pretend?

could we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars
i could really use a wish rite now..wish rite now...

i'm praying that this stairway leads somewhere like heavens door
and when you get there don't look down...don't look down...

because of you...

i got the chance to LOVE endlessly

i feel happy

i smile with no reason

i learn how to appreciate things

i encounter my bad attitude=P

i laugh like no others business

i sleep well

i eat a lot=P

i keep thinking about us

i remember all the moments we share

i feel like every minute that we spend together is so worth it

i always be grateful to Allah

my 20s life seems so bright:)

suddenly i love to eat ice cream

and because of you...i claim myself as a hopelessly romantic girl

A hopeless romantic is one who looks for the a singular person on this world that makes their world come together. They are indeed looking for the man or woman of their dreams. As a result, they prefer not to live in reality. The hopeless romantic knows the reality of love is that reality has no business being in love. This is why they will often perform grandiose gestures that may be seen as unsettling or borderline crazy to non-romantics. But to the fellow few romantics, these same gestures will be adored as beautifully and obscenely quixotic. And such is the "hope" of the hopeless romantic- to not only find the one who loves receiving such love, but loves giving such love. And the true hopeless romantic would always rather give than receive. Because they know then and only then, will there be true love.

my love for you knows no boundaries:))