thoughtful heart:,(

sebak dada ku 

retak hati ku

luka jiwa ku

dihiris pilu...


ustaz dalam satu rancangan tv ada berpesan : 

"Allah akan panjangkan umur dan murahkan rezeki kepada sesiapa yang menjaga silaturrahim antara saudaranya"

selamat beramal:D

say cheese:D

Nothing much to update for today.had mee hailam  for breakfast and it was very delicious. Guess who cooked? obviously not me-its my mum's cooking. sedap! alhamdulillah:) 

i spent all day long watching Britain's Got Talent on Youtube and i was completely amazed with some of the young contestants. here's some of my favourite performances:

1. Olivia Binfield

she's very adorable and the fantastic part was, she brought a snake on stage. 
ular tu nama Lucy. tak pasal2 ular tu femes skali:)

2. Tanner Edward

btw, this is from America's Got Talent. this little boy is so cute. especially when he says "ABBY..I LOVE YOU" to the camera.
he's just six but he's absolutely great, isn't he?

act, there's a few more great videos from the show but these two videos are my favourite ones:)

so today, i wasted my pleasant time lazily lying on the bed and watching videos on youtube. that's the real me bila meng-hadap internet dua puloh hempat jam sehari:D

for dinner, i cooked myself nasi goreng cheese+mushrooms+black pepper. ha ha. are you guys wondering what it tastes like,rite? lemme show the pictures of the cheese fried rice:

it tastes good. trust me:P

well, i'm not really good at cooking but i love to try new recipe as long as when i eat, tidak keracunan makanan lah kan.  he he.

i guess, that's it for today. have a good day tomorrow peeps!:)

my man:)

This coolest guy is my BB...(ayat nak kipas laju2 kan. ngeh ngeh)
i love to call him BB...maybe because of my dreams to own BLACKBERRY or maybe to shop at BURBERRY (but neva get the chance to buy those freaking awesome stuff! phatetic,i xpe,bersyukur dengan xperia=.=)
well, the purpose of me blogging about him not to show off or poyo like "macam ko je kan yg ada balak". no peeps, tidak sesekali. don't you ever dare to think like that:P
i just want to thank him for excepting me as his soulmate (jgn muntah dulu, muntah skrang xpe)
it's hard to bare with banyak songeh girl like me but he can manage me very well. (claps!)
he neva leave me even though we only spend a little time together.
i'm sick for a month and it was a tough moment for us.
now, i'm back with the new spirit. (alhamdulillah)
it's not hard to stand up again just you've got to believe that you can do it.
i had a bad living memory in the past but now i wouldn't let myself to walk thru the moment again.
i guess chillin' is the best way for me now:)
i'm back to haunt him! hihi (takut tak,takut tak?:P)

about priceless him:)

he is a perfectionist kind of person. i once trying to argue with him bout his perfectionism. but now i think, i can adapt to his personality. since he expects everything to be perfect, i will just trying my best to avoid his bebel-ling mouth towards me. ha ha (take it easy man!)

he is a brand concious. part ni paling tak tahan. habes aku skali terpengaruh shopping mahal2. pastu duit dah habis, duduk rumah diam2 nangis atas katil. ha ha. not to say that i'm not a brand concious at all just i won't spend my money to buy RM400 blouse or what not. dah keje gaji riban2 boleh la bai. sehelai seriban pun xpe. (over kau nyah)

he is a great driver (kipas lagi:P). he loves to speed and me? pegang stereng pun ketar. so, i'll just sit quietly beside him and pray that i'll be safe. Thank God, until now, i'm still alive. phewww:P

he is a good snooker player. and me? of coursela his great supporter and die hard fan:D kadang2 bising jugak bila die main lama sangat.


wut else ya...ermm..still doing research bout him. will figure out the rest bout him later:P

i miss you bb and i always do:)

priceless gift:)

Morning! Morning! Morning!

Alhamdulillah, still get the chance to live dekat bumi Allah s.w.t:)

Almost one month i'm struggling myself for an awful pain and today i feel better. once again, alhamdulillah.

i need a doctor:D

was watching this mv with ma best friend yesterday

i'm so in love with the song...

plus the music video is so freaking cool...

nota kaki: i need Allah to bring me back to life:)

back to healthy life:)

i'm back to update this so-called blog:)

Thank You Allah