sejuta cinta

Jangan kau pergi untuk meninggalkan aku

Aku disini dengan sejuta cinta untukmu...

Jangan kau pergi untuk melupakan aku

Aku menangis kerana hidup tanpamu...


my heart is in pain..:(

biskut lemau

abes badan aku lemau dikerjakan natural clenx tea. my mum said "lepas ni minum la lg, biar panggil ambulance dtg amek trus.." hehee...T__T

up till now, i can't stop vomiting......:(

hopefully, by starring at ur picture, can reduce my pain...

nyte2 love~

the heart never lies

no matter what happens - the ups and the downs you have, we'll always be together and work through the problems as one:)

If you don't believe me
Then just look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies:)


i just wanted to show you that i care...but you just replied "OK". sighs MyEm0.Com

my baby is not feeling well:(

get well soon bie...i miss you:)


you become the meaning of my life...

holding your hand

i wont fear tomorrow

here where we stand

we never be alone:)

kita satu

saya sangat sayang dekat encik baju belang2 ini (dah berjuta kali mention benda ni..haha)

dia sangat baik hati walaupun kadang2 dia bertukar jadi gunung berapi:P

tapi gunung berapi dia kadang2 boleh bertukar jadi salji:)

hari2 saya rindu dia 

even dia ada kt sebelah saya

encik, saya sangat sayang awak!

faham tak??? (HAHA paksa2 pulak kan)

just wanna say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

i'm happy eventhough i'm broke rite now..(poket kering..heheh)

u now why??

because i have you here:))

psst..saya tengah jiwang sebab asyik repeat lagu ini:P

Kita telah ditakdir bersama
Teman hidup di dunia
Malam siang kita jadi satu
Kerana engkau adalah milikku

Pegang tanganku seeratnya
Dunia ini berputar ligat
Mengapa harus ada sesal
Andainya tersungkur tetap bersama



i'm extremely adore these gadgets. anybody wanna sponsor them for me?=P


                                                                     Blackberry Bold

sony Xperia

so.................anyone???????? ngeeet (T____T)

nota kaki: if you have one of these smartphones, please, do not show it to me. intentionally or unintentionally. because i'm so damn jealous and i want it toooooo!!!!!!!!! opps,ter-over pulak. tumpang lalu..heeee=D

Does HE truly care about my FRIEND?

Tak pernah ku fahami ertimu padaku

Tak pernah ku mengerti hadirmu untukku

Rasa yang pernah kau bagi

Cinta yang telah kau beri

Setelah ku terjatuh baru ku sedari

Betapa kau kekasih hingga hujung hati

Rasa yang setia menanti

Cinta yang tak akan pergi

Menyesal ku akui tak terima cintamu

Dan kini engkau pergi meninggalkan hidupku

Terlambat ku akui berertinya dirimu

Kerna hanya dirimu sanggup cinta

Penawar peritku

Hanya dirimu

Tulus cintaku...

Menyesal ku akui tak terima cintamu

Dan kini engkau pergi meninggalkan hidupku

Menyesal ku akui tak terima cintamu

Dan kini engkau pergi meninggalkan hidupku

Terlambat ku akui berertinya dirimu

Kerna hanya dirimu

Sanggup cinta penawar peritku

Sanggup cinta pengusap tangisku...

whenever listen to this song, the lyrics remind me of sumone who have a boyfriend and they have been dating for more than two years. she's also one of my good friend. a caring person, warmth, and always there to lend hand to help others. i once remember their relationship started when my friend told him that she had liked him whe she first met him. After wards, they started the relationship.

but there seemed to be sumthing bothering me and eating away my thoughts. i didn't mean to be a busybody or body busy person to anyone's relationship but the reality did happened in front of my eyes several times. she always cry because of him. sometimes, when she feels sad, angry, frust and what not, there's nothing can make her happy except him. but in the back of my head, there's a few questions...does he really care about her feelings? does he really love her the way she loves him?

i know she have always tried to be the best girlfriend she could be. she always praise him, understanding him, being there for him, showered him with compliments about how good looking he is and bring him to wherever place that he wanted to go even at that time, she's in tired, less energy but because of her sincere love, she will fulfill every single wish from him. from my own sight, she's the one who always have to initiate everything in their relationship. it always her to say those words "I LOVE YOU". it always her to text him to tell him "I MISS YOU". it always her  who's put aside other things to be with him, and her who cares for his well being. obviously, he never seems to actually do these things on his own without she starting it. when she texted him complimenting about his respond to her feelings, he would just leaving her unsatisfied.

ok, enuff for me to complain. this entry is just for the sake that she's a good friend of mine and most importantly she's a girl who's hoping for sumthing that truly can convince her for a long lasting relationship between them. who knows if one day come a guy that truly loves her, she will not hesitate to leave him. well, that was just my humble opinion. no offense offence.

to him:

please just show her that you care about her feelings. Not more words of how hot she look, not the kisses on the cheeks, but actually demonstrate that you appreciate her/loves her as much as she appreciate you.

apologies for any hard feelings. changes is good but make sure you change for better.

Treat every relationship ( even its our blood relation.. MOM... Dad...Brother... Sister..)as if it's the last one, then you'll know how to Give.

Treat every moment as if it's the last day, then you'll know how to Treasure.

Treasure what you have right now, or else you may regret one day...:)

humble thoughts of mine

Every 1st January of the year is my birthday. so obviously, i'm not getting any younger because this year i'm officially 23 years old. well, age is just a number. rite? he he.
but it's worth grateful to Allah S.W.T for giving me a chance to live this life until 23 years and for blessing me with all the nikmats that i never asked for. 

there's ups and downs in 2010, and i hope this year will bring a brand new life to me and my loved ones. 

here, i wanna share my wish list or shall i say goals for this year?....and lets see if i can achieve it. well, technically, i did achieved some of them but am not really sure if i really meet the goal. hihi.

1. wanna be a gud servant to Him. a gud daughter to my parents. a gud friend to all my friends and a gud lover to my beloved ones:)

2. since my return to uitm shah alam to cont my studies in masters degree, i haven't read or done any preparation on my research. not to say that i'm boosting my self how busy i'm with workloads, but  before my brain goes down, these are the things that need to be fixed ASAP. syukur, my neurons are still working to put all the things back to the right place.

3. "money makes the world go round". well, i guess, i should agree with this quote. in fact, living in this modern world with new technologies in the tips of our fingers acquire well-paid salary to meet with the standard of living in this new era. don't u guys agree with me? so currently i'm emotionally eager to find a job that suits me well and of course to get higher income to fulfill my needs and wants as a student. wait, what do you expect? money is a must in nowaday's world.

that's it! hopefully all these things can be achieved by this year....

sabarlah wahai hati untuk menempuh 3 tahun....:))

psst: Thanks to all my beloved fwens and loved ones for the wishes. may God bless ya ol:D