Semalam mcm hari2 yg lain jugak,tercari2 sport rim oren tp akhirnya jumpa hari ni...tp jmpa bawa air mata sbb aku boleh rasa benci dia,marah dia...aku tak pasti sampai bila aku diterima...mungkin juga dia dah padam aku selamanya😢

your scent

You are a strong perfume that covered up my life..ur scent moves me...you are so close yet so far...we are dreaming the dream but why we cant be together?

Sad Friday

I got no phone to communicate..so here i am wirting about my feelings,nonsense etc.Nothing much to update..same old feelings everyday..i lost the love that i craved the most..i put our picture right beside me while driving,so that i can talk to the pic everyday..mumbling alone while crying inside. Yupp,no one can heal me except Allah. I really hope He grant my wish very soon because i cant hide my sadness anymore:'(


I miss 'us' but im scared...too scared to face the truth...:'(

Shattered heart

I asked you not to leave me,but you left me in the darkness in searching of ur love....
I asked you to support my journey but you left me with no mercy in your heart....
Afterall,am i not a living human?:'(


I miss you every time i open my eyes
I miss you even when i sleep
Please tell me how to forget you
Because no matter how hard i try,i can feel you inside my broken heart:'(