it's nice to have great people around:)

This morning, most of GE's employee will be going to Langkawi for GE Family Day. I'm not going because i don't feel like going. keje manyak maa, siapa mahu buat? T___T

But then, sampai je ofis, got sumting on my table. somebody bought me a chocolate. with nice note pasted on the choc "cheer on ima!". ha ha. THANKS A LOT DANIEL!! he is an accounting leader in GBS plus my colleague and he just sit next to my table in the office. yelah kan, everytime saya memekak sbb stress pasal kerja, he's the one who willing to listen every single words from me. pity him la. ha ha ha. sorry Daniel. thanks for being such a gud advisor to me. really appreciate it!

oklah, got to continue my work sambil makan choc..nyum3..keje still banyak...menci2...(tone yg sangat gedik kan..tampar nak?:P)

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