say cheese:D

Nothing much to update for today.had mee hailam  for breakfast and it was very delicious. Guess who cooked? obviously not me-its my mum's cooking. sedap! alhamdulillah:) 

i spent all day long watching Britain's Got Talent on Youtube and i was completely amazed with some of the young contestants. here's some of my favourite performances:

1. Olivia Binfield

she's very adorable and the fantastic part was, she brought a snake on stage. 
ular tu nama Lucy. tak pasal2 ular tu femes skali:)

2. Tanner Edward

btw, this is from America's Got Talent. this little boy is so cute. especially when he says "ABBY..I LOVE YOU" to the camera.
he's just six but he's absolutely great, isn't he?

act, there's a few more great videos from the show but these two videos are my favourite ones:)

so today, i wasted my pleasant time lazily lying on the bed and watching videos on youtube. that's the real me bila meng-hadap internet dua puloh hempat jam sehari:D

for dinner, i cooked myself nasi goreng cheese+mushrooms+black pepper. ha ha. are you guys wondering what it tastes like,rite? lemme show the pictures of the cheese fried rice:

it tastes good. trust me:P

well, i'm not really good at cooking but i love to try new recipe as long as when i eat, tidak keracunan makanan lah kan.  he he.

i guess, that's it for today. have a good day tomorrow peeps!:)

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