"aku nak bagitau ko sumting, hopefully you can keep it as a secret"

"okay, i won't tell anybody"

pesan lagi dan terus berpesan...

"ingat tau jangan bagitahu sape2"

"iye, trust me!"


sounds familiar right?


at the end of the day...

the secret finally not a secret anymore


because you are not a "good secret keeper"

btw, thanks for spreading out the "news" :)

i'm so proud of you!  i'm afraid, i'm not..ha ha


-big claps-

i'm not going to say that i'm good enough to motivate siapa2 pun but i really hate people with "branched tongue" or in Malay we call them as "lidah bercabang". they are really dangerous. they won't do something that will physically hurt you but they possess some skills that will implicitly destroy your relationship with others. 

sometimes, you wouldn't realized it happen to you till you personally found it.

it hurts, rite? 

talking about my relationship with encik-"WE"RE DOING JUST FINE"

tipulah kalau saya kata saya tak ada gaduh2 ngn encik saya lansung. mestilah ada. 

tipulah kalau saya kata saya tak pernah nangis bila gaduh dengan dia. 

tipulah kalau saya kata relationship kami sooo purrrfecttt kan

tidak sama sekali. buat apa nak hipokrit. 

i'm not the type of person yang suka mencanang cerita bahagia jika hati sedang terluka. 

and i don't care if someone hates my encik.

i'm not trying to promote my encik but i'm telling you that HE'S PERFECT TO ME..

tidak dinafikan yang encik saya seorang yang "high tempered" kadang2 dia romentik jugak seposen. hihi


hati saya sejuk bila saya nampak dia solat

hati saya sejuk bila nampak dia berdoa dengan penuh kusyuk

hati saya sejuk bila dia doakan kesejahteraan saya dan keluarga saya

hati saya sejuk bila dia sanggup berpanas demi saya

hati saya sejuk bila dia sanggup mengharungi kesusahan dengan saya :)

again, i didn't mean to promote my boyfriend here. i just want to make it clear that i'm totally into him. i would choose to tell him my secrets rather than believing manusia with branched tongue. 

to those who are my real gurlfrens

thanks for being with me

thanks for being good even behind my back :)

at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping ^^


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