going for a "Date" at Police Station..ha ha:P

Yesterday we had a small accident at Jalan Ampang. Not really my boyfie's fault just that kecoh-chinese-boyz wanted us to pay them about rm200++. however, my boyfriend refused to pay them because after all it wasn't his fault as he already gave a signal before he moved to the right as the car suddenly came from behind and hit our car. then, banyak cantik nak mintak2 duit. w.t.f kan...finally, we made a decision to lodge a report at police station. kena fine ok! tapi better than to pay those-crapz-chinese boyz kan. i'm not stereotyping by mentioning "chinese",don't get me wrong...but just a little bit angry towards them...but, Alhamdulillah we are fine. btw, we were planning to watch a movie last night...but..since that accident happened, we got to cancel the plan. Instead of the bad things happen, I do believe...  

What God has for YOU is for YOU

so, we can plan everything but He's the one who make the decision:)
okay2, what past is past rite and we learn from experience. lets have the sweetest smile...believe me,

A smile makes anyone look 10 years younger and 10 pounds thinner..hehe:P

psst: got to cont my work or else i'll be a dead meat to an Italian manager. uuu..scary....:P i miss my mr kacak also:))


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