humble thoughts of mine

Every 1st January of the year is my birthday. so obviously, i'm not getting any younger because this year i'm officially 23 years old. well, age is just a number. rite? he he.
but it's worth grateful to Allah S.W.T for giving me a chance to live this life until 23 years and for blessing me with all the nikmats that i never asked for. 

there's ups and downs in 2010, and i hope this year will bring a brand new life to me and my loved ones. 

here, i wanna share my wish list or shall i say goals for this year?....and lets see if i can achieve it. well, technically, i did achieved some of them but am not really sure if i really meet the goal. hihi.

1. wanna be a gud servant to Him. a gud daughter to my parents. a gud friend to all my friends and a gud lover to my beloved ones:)

2. since my return to uitm shah alam to cont my studies in masters degree, i haven't read or done any preparation on my research. not to say that i'm boosting my self how busy i'm with workloads, but  before my brain goes down, these are the things that need to be fixed ASAP. syukur, my neurons are still working to put all the things back to the right place.

3. "money makes the world go round". well, i guess, i should agree with this quote. in fact, living in this modern world with new technologies in the tips of our fingers acquire well-paid salary to meet with the standard of living in this new era. don't u guys agree with me? so currently i'm emotionally eager to find a job that suits me well and of course to get higher income to fulfill my needs and wants as a student. wait, what do you expect? money is a must in nowaday's world.

that's it! hopefully all these things can be achieved by this year....

sabarlah wahai hati untuk menempuh 3 tahun....:))

psst: Thanks to all my beloved fwens and loved ones for the wishes. may God bless ya ol:D

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