Things my boyfriend and i've argued about:P

I believe every relationship got their own things to argue about, am i right? well, for us (us means me and my Encik, obviously) also got lots of things to argue, at anywhere, on anything or in any circumstances. sometimes, it's funny. but sometimes, we tend to take that topic like so serious and end-up with bitter-looking face instead of better-looking-face.ha ha. i hate that ok! anyhow, my "suka-cari-pasal" attitude really2 drives me crazy:P 

so peps, things my boyfriend and i've argued about are as listed below:

1. when it comes to food...

Encik: syg ni selalu je tak habiskan makan, membazir jelah. (with his angry face, nagging at me without any sign of full stop)

me: dah kenyang sangatlah. nanti kalau abeskan, muntah pulak. (sambil buat muka "taknak" dgn bersungguh2)

Encik: Alasan je semua tu. boleh je habiskan. ingatlah orang2 yang kat luar sana yang tak dapat makan.(fine, no point to argue right?sigh* haha)

but i still use the same point to argue back whenever he asks me to finish my meals:P

2. ice-cream/ais-kacang n etc...

Encik: eskrem coklat takda la kat Mcd ni...(muka bengang)

me: eskrem perisa lain sedap jugak. (padahal da sedia maklum encik tu suka coklat je:D)

Encik: b akan mkn yang coklat je. yang lain b takkan makan...

me: -_-!!

ok,kalah lagi disitu...

3. Football

well, obviously he's a die-hard-fan of Manchester United. no point to argue. berani la nak kutuk2 MU depan dia. unless he kutuk them by himself. ha ha

4. movies

He's the one who loves action movies like the fast and furious, sumting like car racing muvies. you got wut i mean? movies which are real and something which can happen in real world. as for me, i would go for romantic and virtual reality movies. because i love to see something like super-power hero, super hot heroin and etc. everything that super lah. he he.i know the virtual reality movies obviously got sumting like software somewhere that helps to create the movie, but i just love it. so, nak tengok wayang kena discuss betul dan dengan serious ye. if not, one of us might sleep in the cinema:P hihi

5. move away his belongings, apparently things in his car...

Encik: letak kotak tisu tu elok2 balik kt tempat dia. (muka ada tanda2 tak puas hati)

me: dah letak elok la ni. nak letak mcm mana lagi.. (suka menjawab balik. haha)

Encik: eh tak betul tu, macam ni. b tak suka orang ubah barang2 b. b dah letak mcm tu, so mesti macam tu.

me: haishh~

take note: he is a perfectionist. me? a keras-kepala gurl. doesn't blend well rite? but the mixture macam menarik, i guess so lah:P

actually, i got many more things that we have always argue about. but sometimes, things got so funny and so exciting...

but one point i can't argue is...

his loves for me. it is real man!:)

tonight, he'll be leaving me because he has to balik kampung for kenduri. sob..sob..

rindulah (untuk 3 hari. ha ha. ok,jokes!), x ada orang yang nak cari pasal dengan saya:P

for my beloved Encik...

take care, drive carefully, you will always be in my heart:)) hugs!

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