Wordless Wednesday

LOVE comes with the most unexpected person. in the most unexpected place. at the most unexpected time.

but then, the most unexpected person can also be a total stranger...

i wasn't in a good mood last nite. i read up all my older posts and came across a post that i love the most. it was a post in May 2010. yup, it has been a year back since now is already 2012. why is time moving too fast? why some people change? questions that left me asking myself for how many times, i also don't know. but, to hang on for too long is not easy when you are the only one who got the courage to love.  i found myself dying everyday with all the harsh words. yes, you always put blame on me. no matter how hard i try to fix things, you always come and broke them into pieces. i annoyed you so much with all the baby-ish attitude of mine. i always cry whenever my heart hurts. yes, that is totally me, hoping for someone's attention and that someone is definitely you.

now you have purfect someone for you to adore. unlike me, i'm still here adoring you not someone else. i can't deny the fact that she is so beautiful and likable as to be compared to me, an ugly duckling. even though i put the most beautiful dress on me, still i can't be like her. "dah tak ade yg lagi perfect ke nak pakai??" well, remember that? that was your comment on my outfit before we went to KLCC. again, i can't be like her. i'm tired living in someone else's shadow. it is hard to do something when your heart doesn't really want to. because of you i deactivated myself from social networking sites except this blog coz here i can share my feelings and it does comfort me even for a while.

trust me, human love is like chocolate because the pleasure doesn't last..


Love and Chocolate can spoil at any point of time.

Then its time to move on to another brand, another kind.

Maybe it wasn't a real chocolate or real love to begin with at all period.

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