random thoughts

this morning i went to my "beloved" faculty with the greatest intention-reading journals and bla..bla..


just tahan for 20 minutes. ha ha ha:P

wanna know why?

its because i can't stand sitting with people starring at me like i'm a huge alien or vice versa:P

who cares btw?

so, i left...

sampai rumah, hati puas:DD

lying on the floor for few minutes while reading few articles and journals

distraction again...

perut lapar..but i'd promised to myself to save money as much as possible. urghhhh...

then, encik called me, telling that he's eating fried spaghetti.

well, i can hear on the other side that he was heavenly enjoying the spaghetti. thanks encik! pffftt


sadly, i just have a packet of maggie left...pathetic=.-

i miss home:(

i miss someone who always care about me:(

still remember? i miss those moments-___-

how about you dear?

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